Bridgette Bussey Matison is a Philadelphia-based artist whose colorful works of art depict a variety of subjects with several ongoing themes, including music-inspired abstracts and large-scale flowers. Spanning 25 years, her portfolio of paintings, drawings, etchings, and ceramics are a reflection of her experiences and things she holds dear. She also creates commissioned pieces, which she states, “gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, and create objects that are treasured by someone else”.

Bridgette's interest in art making started at an early age in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. She began working in oils at the age of 12 and sold her first paintings to prominent collectors at 17. Inspired by early success, she moved to Albuquerque to study fine art and received her BFA at the University of New Mexico. She expresses her passion for art both through the creative process of art making as well as advocating for arts in the community. After relocating to Philadelphia, she received her Master’s of Science in Arts Administration from Drexel University and co-founded the Bellibone Collective.